Photos from Kubwor Special Auction Day which was held on 20th December 2020

A Kubwor Special Auction day was held on 20th December 2020 allowing many people to do some last-minute shopping and bringing together communities from across Northern Uganda before Christmas.

It also allowed businesses to make last-minute sales which was a very welcome boost for economic activity in Kalongo town and its vicinity which have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown.

These monthly auctions usually take place on the 28th of each month and the last Kubwor auction took place on 28th November 2020.

Photos from Kubwor Special Auction

The clothes section attracted the most number of vendors and customers, especially women and the youth and children. Men were more interested in purchasing bicycles spares, electronics and other household goods.

Arrivals and setting up

The market is organized in sections were similar commodities are sold at specific locations. For example, there is a food section of the market with a variety of food sold such as the fish and onions below.

Traders selling an assortment of goods

Bringing together communities

The Kubwor auction is also a social event bringing together communities from across various parts of Northern Uganda.

Friends catching up at Kubwor auction while shopping.
Young people playing a popular addictive gambling game known as Potea. Players pay at least 100 Ugandan schillings to throw a ring at a targeted prize (which is rarely won) such as a cash prize, a bottle of soda or a bottle of beer.
Young people watching the Potea gambling session.

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