Update on the preparations for the Beatification of Fr. Dr Giuseppe Ambrosoli with just three days to go

Preparations for the beatification of Fr Dr Ambrosoli are continuing in Kalongo as the clock ticks closer to the day of the event. It is due to take place on Sunday 20th November 2022.

With just three days to go and pilgrims already on the way, it’s all hands on deck as the town scrambles to finalise the arrangements. Many people are enthusiastic and eager to support the efforts in any way that they can.

Fundraising has continued at pace with support from the Acholi community across the world as the funds expected from the government are still pending.

On 15th November 2022, the Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR) set up a stage in the open ground at Kalongo town council where the faithful started flocking. They have started arriving from around the country to fellowship together in celebration of the values for which Fr. Dr Guiseppe Ambrosoli lived and died. The crusade will continue up to 18th November 2022.

Below are photographs showing the current progress in Kalongo

Pavillion being set up
Final touches to the face-lifting of Dr Ambrosoli Memorial Hospital’s main entrance
Facelifting of Sacred Heart of Jesus- Kalongo Catholic Church in progress
Construction of the shelter in front of the church continues
Construction of the shelter in front of the church continues
The road from the church to the celebration grounds have been levelled with murrum
Work in progress at the celebrations ground with the walkways to pavilion levelled

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