Interviews with the family of Fr Dr Ambrosoli on his life and beatification

The Kalongo Times were privileged to be granted an interview with the Family of the venerable Fr Dr Joeseph Ambrosoli.

We spoke to his niece, Giovanna Ambrosoli, who is the President of Dr Ambrosoli Memorial Hospital Foundation, and his youngest brother, Alessandro Ambrosoli, CEO of G.B. Ambrosoli S.p.A. the Italian company his father founded almost 100 years ago in 1923.

They spoke to us about Fr Dr Ambrosoli’s life, how he would have felt about the beatification, and what the beatification means to the family.

Interview with the niece of Fr Dr Ambrosoli, Giovanna Ambrosoli, on his life and beatification

Interview with Brother of Fr Dr Ambrosoli, Alessandro Ambrosoli, on his life and beatification

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