Beatification update on security, protocol and fundraising

The meeting in Kalongo between security and protocol committees came up with a number of action points outlined below.

His Lordship Chief Justice Alfonse Owiny Dollo and Hon Norbert Mao have also requested that the whole Acholi community and well-wishers support the Archbishop of Gulu Archdiocese, His Grace Dr John Baptist Odama in organising the Beatification of Fr Dr Giuseppe Ambrosoli which will take place in Kalongo, Agago District. Details of the funds raised so far and information on where funds can be sent are provided below.

Security and protocol action points.

  1. The protocol team requested that the number of invited guests be increased from 200 to 500 and it was granted;
  2. That the cards be handed to security for accreditation immediately and that the cards be dispatched to intended invitees by 20th October;
  3. That the vehicles of invited guests bear the following category of stickers: Red (VVIP), Yellow (the Ecclesiastical team), Blue (civil leaders, politicians and others);
  4. The persons who belonged to the protocol team during Uganda Marty’s day have to be summoned for redeployment;
  5. Identification tags shall be provided with photos, if the pictures used in 2019 can be retrieved;
  6. The celebration shall be preceded by a one-week spiritual exercise. This shall still require the deployment of protocol;
  7. It was agreed that the number of MCs shall be six:
    • English to Luo 1
    • Lou to English 1
    • English to Ngakarimojong 1
    • English to Kishwaili 1
    • Italian to English 1
    • the Liturgical MC 1).
    • That gender roles shall be respected in this deployment
  8. Because of distance, interactions shall mostly be in digital form; 
  9. That the chair comes up with a draft programme for ratification by the Chair COC; and
  10. That the chair of Protocol immediately writes to request money from the COC to facilitate its functions;

The following have been identified to handle the roles of MCs:

  • Dr. Lam James Lagoro
  • Mr. Otto Ventorino
  • PRO. Jimmy Okema
  • Prof. Callistus Loceng
  • Fr. Cosmo Diago (Rome)
  • Ms. Alum Sandra

Proposed members to handle the VVIP:

  • Hon. Lucy Akello (Women Amuru)
  • Ecclesiastical team: J.B. Aludi & Odongtoo Charles (Kitgum);
  • Civil Leaders: Betty Omuk , Eng. Payolem & Ondoki Charles;
  • Politicians: Hon. Mathew Akia, Mr. Oryema Emmanuel & Onono Bilamoi
  • Ambrosoli’s Family: Geoffrey Oguti & Ms. Lucy Ogenga, 
  • Medical Doctors (Dr. Smart Host
  • Traditional Chiefs: One of the staff from Ker kwaro;
  • Choir: (Fr. Thaddeus and Choir leaders);
  • The congregation:  Members of CWA, CMA, & Students of Kalong Nursing School;

It was also agreed that members of protocol continue to provide other inputs desired.


Cash contributions can be sent to the following contacts:

  • Michael opwonya 0752670080
  • Denis Owili 0772624097.

Pledges &Cash contributions received so far:

  1. Hon Norbert Mao 1,000,000
  2. Lucy Ladira 505,000
  3. Milton Fred Ocen 515,000
  4. Okello Bernard 250,000
  5. Hon Fr Onen Charles 1,000,000
  6. Deputy Commissioner General Prisons Akena Samuel 1,000,000
  7. Milton Ocen 100bgs Cement
  8. Peter Okio Olal 500,000
  9. Hon Andrew Oulanyah 2,500,000
  10. Hon Aber Lillian 2,000,000
  11. Superdeal Hardware Ltd 1,000,000
  12. Jacob Oyugi 100,000
  13. Patrick Obalim & Family 1,000,000
  14. Patrick Obalim 50,000
  15. Dr. Omona Alfonse 1,000,000
  16. Churchill Nokrach & Florence Akello 1,000,000
  17. Michael J. Ochola 1,000,000
  18. Hon Gilbert Olanya 1,000,000
  19. Hon Santa Okot 1,000,000
  20. Hon Judith Achan Peace 1,000,000
  21. Hon Chris Komakech 1,000,000
  22. Hon Beatrice Akori 1,000,000
  23. Okello David 1,000,000
  24. Mego Akwero Jane Odwong (Former Woman MP Kitgum District) 200,000
  25. Francis Gimara 500,000
  26. PS Okot Okidi 1,000,000
  27. Chairman’s Bag 400,000

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