Lamo village starts preparations for the building of their own chapel and the confirmation of 1300 youth

Lamo is a small Christian community in Kuywee zone at the foot of Lamo Mountain. Prayer sessions are still being held under a tree, but the community wish to start laying bricks and collecting materials to build their own chapel. The community used to join Kalamit, Macai or Toroma congregations however those chapels are too far away so they asked to open their own prayer Centre in a beautiful place donated by a good Christian of the area.

Many Catholics pray there every Sunday guided by their catechists Mateo Odong and young Denis Opwonya however, the Priests can only reach them once or twice a month for the celebration of Mass.

Father Ramon Vargas, Parish Priest of Kalongo visited them at the end of August 2022 and was asked to offer mass for two sick members of the community who were there present. After mass, the community offered each of the sick individuals a contribution of 4000 Ug shillings each. A nice gesture of solidarity.

The service was interrupted by rain and the congregation had to shelter under an improvised structure known locally as “bolo” for about 20 min, but mass continued regardless.

The Lamo community would welcome any contributions or donations for the construction of their chapel building. Donations should be sent to Father Ramon Vargas at Kalongo Parish.

Confirmation ceremonies

Archbishop John Baptist Odama is expected to confirm over 1300 youths from five of the seven zones of the parish. The Archbishop will hold two different ceremonies, one in Kadeng and another in Kalongo where young people will be conferred the gift of the Holy Spirit to be strengthened as mature, committed Christians.

The disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic prevented this important Sacrament being administered to the Christians for more than 18 months so the number of those being confirmed this year is large.

The candidates have had 3 weeks of intensive preparation to help them pray more and become more deeply aware of their duties and responsibilities as confirmed Catholics.

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