Brother Ambrose Okema and Mr James Otim donated two pianos to DR. Ambrosoli Memorial Church Choir

On the 28th /11/2021, the community and Christians of Kalongo Catholic parish welcomed Bro. Ambrose Okema from the Congregation of Missionary Benedictines of St. Ottilien, Order of St. Benedicts -monastic religious order of the Catholic Church opened by Fr John Neudegger in Tororo Municipality in 1981.

During the same occasion of celebrating his monastic consecration on the 28th /11/2021, Bro. Ambrose Okema in a bid to support Dr. Ambrosoli Memorial Church Choir of the Catholic Church of Kalongo donated a brand-new Piano to facilitate the animation of the mass.

This day was a lucky day for the choir as one of the sons of Kalongo, Mr. James Otim who works and lives in the United-kingdom also donated a brand-new Piano to them. He also said that he is fulfilling a pledge that he had promised sometimes back to the choir.

Mr. Otim further pledged his commitment to support the church in key notably areas such as; ensuring a good public address system that can improve audibility during mass and also to ensure the availability of a generator and a good solar system for lighting the church as electricity is not very reliable and in a cloudy day as has happened on this particular day, the church apparently had deficient lighting that hampered visibility. Mr. Otim pledged to engage the sons and daughters of Kalongo in the diaspora to support this project and any other at home that is aimed at empowering the community and improving their lives in one way or another.

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