Kalongo Parish Celebrates Consecration Of Rev. Sr. Regina Akullu

Kalongo Parish joins the Diocese of Gulu in witnessing and celebrating the consecration of yet another Nun from the congregation of the Little Sisters of Mary Immaculate of Gulu(LSMIG). LSMIG was founded by a Comboni Missionary the late Bishop Anjelo Negri and Rev. Sr. Angioletta Dognini, a Comboni Missionary Sister who became a co-founder of the Congregation in 1936.

On the 8th /12/2021, Sr. Regina  Akullu was consecrated with nine others to make five hundred and eighty-four sisters (584) consecrated since the founding of the congregation of the LSMIG, some of whom have since passed on leaving about four hundred and eleven (411) still alive working largely in the Archdiocese of Gulu, Kampala and other places including outside countries like Kenya.

The ten newly consecrated Sisters came from both within the country and from neighbouring Kenya. Two were from Gulu Diocese particularly from Kalongo and Wol Town councils in Agago District, four from Lira Diocese, One from Nebbi Diocese, One from Fort portal diocese and one from Arua Diocese.

The ceremony took place in Gulu Cathedral and was presided over by Archbishop John Baptist Odama of Gulu Archdiocese.

Sr. Regina Akullu is the daughter of Lawino Christine and the late Opio Paul Ojukku from Kalongo Town council. She is the niece of Sr. Juliana Abur who is also a nun from the congregation of the Little Sisters of Mary Immaculate of Gulu. One of her cousins has also joined the formation and God willing, she will also become a Religious Sister in the very near future.

Sr. Regina comes from a Catholic entrenched family, her Grandfather the late Ensio Okello was a Chairperson of the Parish Council for Kalongo Catholic Parish for many years while her great-grandfather Eture Iboto was one of the very first persons who helped the first missionaries to locate Kalongo as a more suitable place to establish a mission and he was one of the first masons who participated in the construction of Sacred Heart Catholic Church of Kalongo Catholic Parish in the 1930’s. Mr Eture Iboto was one of the first settlers in modern-day Kalongo, he was very close to the church and contributed significantly to the building of the mission infrastructure.

Kalongo Town council boasts about 13 Nuns since Catholicism was introduced in Kalongo. The majority of these Nuns underwent their formation at the Little Sisters of Mary Immaculate of Gulu.

About 35 members of the Catholic community of Kalongo together with family members travelled to Gulu City to witness the consecration of Sr. Regina Akullu.

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