St. Charles Lwanga’s College student and staff receive awards

Every year St. Charles Lwanga’s College gives awards to the best performing students at O level and A level UNEB exams. The school has developed a system of giving an award to the best performing students and their teachers as a motivation to encourage them to work hard for better results and also benefit from such awards.

The best student for O. level 2020 Akena Geoffrey, was also the only one to attain a 1st grade and for A. Level 2021. Aketowanga Sharon who attained 15 points for Literature, History and Divinity (LHD) were given awards.

The two best performing students, Akena Geoffrey and Aketowanga Sharon, pose with their awards

These two students were awarded each a 4” mattress and 5 counter books and 5 Pens. Due to COVID-19, this ceremony was witnessed by only a few teaching staff and the members of the Board of Governors St. Charles Lwanga’s College. In ordinary times this would be done during school days and in the presence of all the students, teachers and parents. But this being the new normal it had to be done without students who are primarily the key intended target as this gesture is tailored to instil in them the desire for competition and ultimately improved performance.

The school’s general performance was not all that satisfactory, but this was understandable because of the many compounding factors. It at least managed one first grade compared to the previous year where there was none.

The School also on this occasion recognized the teaching staff as well; particularly those whose students got credit 4,3 and distinctions 2 and 1 with a token in monetary terms calculated in accordance to the level and numbers of students who attained such credits and distinction.

The Chairman of the Board of Governors congratulates one of the teachers who students passed with credits

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