Canadian Acholi woman seeks help locating her father’s clan and home in Agago

A Canadian Acholi woman is seeking help to locate her home in Agago.

Her grandmother was Celestino Opobo of Patongo and her late father was Oloya Moses. Her late mother was from Moyo.

They lived happily in Moyo until 1979 when President Amin was overthrown and her father fled back to Agago. He left his wife and kids in Moyo.

The woman was five years old at the time and is now a mother of four children. She lives in Canada but returned home recently. She wants to locate her father’s clan and home in Agago.

There is limited information on this but if you think you may have any information that might help this lady find her family and her roots, please send this to The Kalongo Times. We will ensure it is forwarded to this lady so she can have a happy reunion.

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