Professor Dr JJ Otim Development Award

The Professor Dr JJ Otim Development Award has been established by The Kalongo Times in his memory. As the son of Yusefu Lagwok one of the founders of Kalongo, Prof Otim was a very proud son of Kalongo. He had always been passionate about helping the town achieve its potential and remained a passionate advocate for its growth and development until his untimely death.

This grant carries on his legacy and is intended to support the growth and development of Kalongo Town, Northern Uganda and Luo speaking Acholi people more broadly.

The inaugural development award of over 1 million shillings was issued on 18th October 2021 to three winners.

Going forward, the grant, totalling 350,000 Shillings, will be awarded each month to ONE business that provides important goods and services to Kalongo or to a project that has the potential to improve the lives of the people of Kalongo.

Criteria for the selection of the businesses and projects will be made available in due course for any businesses that would like to apply for the grant.

The grant is funded by Professor Dr JJ Otim’s family and through donations and fundraising.