Power blackouts cripple Kalongo town and businesses – government urged to act

Kalongo town has been without power since Thursday 18th February 2021.

The town has been experiencing rampant power blackouts due to many faults on the power lines as well as the refurbishment of the Lira Kitgum feeder that constantly switches off power.

Additionally, somebody cut down a tree that hit high voltage cables along the Kalongo to Patongo road which cut the power and tremendously affected local businesses. They were cutting trees for burning bricks as this is the season for making bricks in this part of the country.

An ongoing problem

A week ago, a rotten high voltage pole near the Agago river at the bridge along the Kalongo to Patongo road, fell down and disrupted power for about a week before it was restored.

Many of the wooden poles are rotten or rotting and yet the Rural Electrification Agency responsible for supplying poles is not responding as fast as it should to supply the necessary poles to PACMECs. This is the managing company responsible for the distribution of power and maintenance on their behalf.

Government urged to act

The government needs to act quickly to address the power blackouts. Through its responsible Agency, it needs to expedite the delivery of poles to allow for timely replacements to be made in order to avoid such disruptions that are likely to cause loss of revenue to businesses who depend on electricity for the running of their businesses.

Further updates will be provided as more information becomes available.

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